• New Beginnings Cheese Board

New Beginnings Cheese Board

Cheeses:  4 cheeses
Weight:  800g

We're starting the year with the theme New Beginnings. It's a chance to highlight some of the less traditional styles of cheese - those that are relatively new (given cheese making has been around for centuries, we have some flexibility with 'new'!), all made in the UK and tasting great at this time of year. Cheese expert Ned Palmer has selected:

  • Rachel (200g). Delicate flavours, supple texture. Sweet, milky with a finish of caramel and salt. Coming from the Land of the Cheddar, exciting to see this new style emerge
  • Garlic Yarg (200g). If Spring was a cheese, there's a fair chance it would be Garlic Yarg. Acidic beginnings give way to creaminess, hints of garlic and a mineral finish
  • Witheridge (200g). Matured in fresh hay  which gives an enticingly beery aroma. Characterful but not overwhelming. First cheese in UK to be matured this way
  • Binham Blue (200g). Gentle for a blue and perfect for the season. The firm but giving texture delivers a burst of sweetness balanced by light acidity, developing savoury notes and a spicy heat
  • Jar of Champion Cherry & Amaretto (113g)
  • BBCGF Cheese Club powered by cheesegeek tasting notes and scorecard

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Each box comes with an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your BBC Good Food Delivery!

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