• Artisan Summer Cheese

Artisan Summer Cheese

Summer is the time for picnics and barbecues, and a time when cheese leaves the cheeseboard to find its place under the grill, on the griddle or as part of a salad. Here are four smashing cheeses to savour over the long summer days.

1. Pavé Cobble. Made by Roger Longman and his team in Somerset (Unpasteurised sheep’s cheese, vegetarian rennet). The wrinkly grey rind and pyramid shape give Pavé a distinctive look and adds a mossy note and a peppery finish. The flavour is tart,
clean and vegetal with a luscious mouth-coating texture. Toast it on bread with chopped walnuts, or serve with a glass of white for the perfect picnic finisher.

2. Mrs Bell’s salad cheese. Made by the Bell family and team in Yorkshire (pasteurised
sheep’s milk, vegetarian rennet). This delicious cheese, a version of feta, has a rich ivory tint and aromas of freshly soured milk and pastry. It’s firm rather than crumbly and
the flavour is refreshingly tart with sweet milk, almonds and a tingling finish. Bake
this in a pastry, roast it with vegetables, or simply combine it with cucumber and mint for a fresh, summery salad.

3. St James Anglum. Made by Martin Gott in Cumbria (pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian rennet). Rich pastures and skilful cheesemaking give this halloumi-style cheese a creamy colour. Uncooked, Anglum delivers a flavour of sweet cooked milk but this cheese really sings when grilled or fried. The crispy brown exterior has a warm
caramelised taste and the inside, melted but still firm, tastes like just-cooked pastry.

4. Ogleshield. Made by Jamie Montgomery and Tim Griffey in Somerset (pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet). Inspired by the Alpine raclette and made from the rich milk of Jersey cows, Ogleshield, with its blushing pink rind and golden paste is a pretty and luxuriant cheese. Melt a slice with rind intact over a burger. Gooey cheese and juicy meat combine headily while the barnyardy funk of the rind complements the beef well.

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